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How to use a casting bubble

Casting bubbles are useful tackle that allow anglers to fish with small light lures like flies and small plastic insects. Casting bubbles are especially useful for fly fishing with a spinning rod.

Casting bubbles work by adding weight to your line. If your lure is too light, you will not be able to cast it with traditional spinning tackle. By adding the weight of a casting bubble to your line, you will be able to cast a great distance.

You could use a heavy float like a wooden casting bobber to add weight to your line. Though casting bubbles are designed to be more discreet. Most casting bubbles are clear to avoid the eyes of wary fish. Some casting bubbles are also adjustable so that you can change the weight of your rig without changing tackle.

Choosing a casting bubble

There are many casting bubbles on the market. We carry a wide variety of casting bubbles in several sizes. Some of the most popular casting bubbles include the A-Just-A-Bubble, Torpedo Float, Water Weighted Spin Float, and Quick Float Water Bobber.

Bubbles like the A-Just-A-Bubble and Quick Float Water Bobber can be attached directly to your line with no special tackle or rigging required.

clear casting bubble

The Torpedo Float has two eyes. Tie your main line to one end. Then tie your leader and fly or small lure to the other end. 

The Water Weighted Spin Float works much like a slip bobber. Run your line through the middle of the float. Then attach a swivel or bobber stop. Follow that with your leader and lure.

The A-Just-A-Bubble, Water Weighted Spin Float and Quick Float Water Bobber can all be filled with water to increase weight. This can allow you to cast further. Or it can be used to sink a fly or lure down deep in the water. The Torpedo Float cannot be filled with water.

Detecting bites

Casting bubbles may resemble bobbers but they serve a different purpose. Bobbers are often used to detect bites.Casting bubbles are used to cast light lures with spinning tackle.

When your bobber moves or goes under water, you know a fish had taken the bait. Most casting bubbles are clear.  Once in the water, these translucent bubbles are difficult to see. So you have to detect bites by watching your fly or feeling your line for the distinct "bump" of a fish.

To get the best of both worlds, try using a colored casting bubble. We carry a bright chartreuse Torpedo Float, A chartreuse and white A-Just-A-Bubble, and a red Water Bobber that are easy to see on the water.

In our experience these floats do not spook fish in most conditions. Using them can help you detect bites or even just find your fly when it is drifting far out in the water.


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