About Angler's Emporium

Angler's Emporium started as a small home-based business. Building on decades of experience in the angling equipment industry and, more importantly, on the water, we started to offer quality hand-tied flies at very low prices over the internet.

After selling our flies to thousands of people across the United States we decided to expand our inventory and open this website to the public. We hope that you will find it to your liking. We are still a small family owned business, but are now fortunate enough to supply anglers across the country and even the world.

We strive to offer good products at the lowest possible prices. In addition, we aim to assist anglers in making the most of their time on the water by explaining how the things we stock actually work.

Additionally, we carry a wide range of products including specialized fishing equipment not previously available in the United States. For example, we carry a range of carp and microfishing tackle that can be difficult to find.

We will continue to expand our catalog as time goes on and we hope that you will check back to see what new items we have in stock whenever you are able.

You may click here for our shipping policy or click here for order terms and conditions. Additionally you can click here for information about fishing with the products we carry. We sincerely thank you for your business and welcome any questions or comments you may have.

We are happy to address your questions and concerns, or give you advice based on our experience. Just drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. You can use the contact form below to get in touch.

Thank you!