Fishing guides

  • microfishing rod

    How to choose a micro fishing rod

    Micro fishing is fishing for tiny fish that can fit in the palm of your hand. There's no hard definition to what makes a "micro fish." In some parts of the world, micro anglers often try to catch fish smaller...

  • basic micro fishing rig

    How to rig a micro fishing pole

    Micro fishing is the pursuit of tiny fish with hook and line. There are many species of fish in the world. A large number never reach lengths longer than an average adult's fingers! Micro fishing gear allows us to fish...

  • micro fishing dace

    How to choose micro fishing hooks

    Micro fishing is a method for catching small or micro sized fish on hook and line. The size of small or micro fish is debatable. Most micro anglers aim to catch fish that will in the palms of their hands....

  • How to care for telescopic rods

    How to care for telescopic rods

    Easy instructions for the proper care and maintenance of telescopic spinning, microfishing and telescopic rods.
  • micro fishing with white bread

    The best micro fishing baits

    Micro fishing is the pursuit of tiny fish with a line and hook. Definitions on what counts as a "micro fish" vary from one source to the next.Generally speaking we think micros are fish that are too small to catch...

  • soft plastic hellgrammites for fishing

    How to fish with soft plastic hellgrammites

    Hellgrammites are large aquatic insects common throughout streams in the eastern half of North America. The bugs get their name from their somewhat fearsome appearance. They're also predators that feed on other invertebrates like mayfly and stonefly nymphs... and other...