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How to choose micro fishing hooks

Micro fishing is a method for catching small or micro sized fish on hook and line. The size of small or micro fish is debatable. Most micro anglers aim to catch fish that will in the palms of their hands.

This form of fishing has long had some popularity in parts of Asia. Lately it has been picking up more steam around the world.

We carry a wide range of micro fishing tackle and we've used every product we carry. We don't claim to be the sole authority on the subject of micro fishing by any means, but we can give you the info you need to catch micros.

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If you're new to micro fishing check out our simple micro fishing guide. If you want to learn about micro fishing hooks, read on.

There are several hooks on the market that are actually made for micro fishing. Some are meant for catching tiny tanago while others are more general models created for species like crucian carp and loaches. Which one is right for you?

Most micro fishing tackle comes from Japan. Names and packaging with Japanese characters can be confusing to English speakers. We created this guide to help you select the best micro fishing hooks.

Why use micro fishing hooks?

How important is it to use a hook specifically made for micro fishing? In our opinion micro fishing hooks are the most important tackle for catching truly tiny fish.

Sure micro fishing rods are nice. Micro floats can help you detect bites too. But neither of these are strictly necessary to catch tiny fish.

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Yet micro fishing hooks have tiny sharp hook points that can penetrate the mouths of the smallest of fish. They hook micros better than even the smallest conventional hooks which are in fact meant for game fish like trout.

If you're serious about micro fishing you will want to have some micro fishing hooks.

Micro fishing hook types

Micro fishing hooks essentially come in two versions: snelled and unsnelled. Snelled hooks are already tied to short lines. Unsnelled hooks are sold loose.

Snelled hooks are popular and easy to use. You simply tie the provided line to your line or connect it with a tippet connector. Some snelled hooks like the Gamakatsu Tetron even come with loops that can be used with a connector or swivel.

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Unsnelled hooks like our barbless micro snell hooks have to be tied to your line or at least a leader directly. You cannot thread your line through the eye of a micro hook. Micro fishing hooks don't have eyes! Instead they have wide flat sections where you might expect an eye to be.

To connect an unsnelled micro fishing hook to your line you need tie a snell knot. This can be difficult with tiny micro fishing hooks. Still some anglers prefer the control and customization made possible by tying their own rigs.

Micro fishing hook shapes

Micro fishing hooks of all kinds come in different shapes. Most manufacturer give each shape its own name like "Half Moon", "New Half Moon" or "Okame". Unfortunately these names don't reveal much.

All micro hooks come with tiny sharp points. The main differences come in the form or length of the hook shafts. Some are easier to remove from small fish mouths. Others might hold one kind of micro fishing bait better than another.

There can be slight differences between hooks in terms of point length. This only really matters for those trying to catch truly diminutive fish the size of a small coin.

The truth is that any of the micro fishing hooks we sell will catch micro fish. Micros usually take the point of the hook into their mouths but leave the hook shaft exposed. So ultimately the various shapes are more a matter of taste than anything else.

You can pick up any of the micro fishing hooks we sell and start catching micros. If you're catching fish that are five inches or more in length, you will do well with Owner Chub Hooks or Owner Crucian Carp Hooks. If you want to catch fish smaller than that, you can't go wrong with Gamakatsu Tetron New Half Moon or Owner Snelled Tanago Steamline hooks. For the smallest of the small, use the specially designed Gamakatsu Tanago hook.

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