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How to fish with wooden casting bobbers

Wooden casting bobbers are one of the more unique items we carry at Angler's Emporium. They are quite popular among some anglers. Yet many others are unfamiliar with this kind of tackle.

Wooden casting bobbers are egg shaped wooden fishing floats. Some say they are "old school" since they've been around for a long while. People we know have been using them for decades. Yet these bobbers continue to be popular because they continue to work!

Historically, the kind of wooden casting bobbers we sell have been sold and fished most in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. Some even refer to them as Pennsylvania style wood bobbers.

Of course these bobbers will actually work anywhere a sturdy float is needed. A modified version of the wood egg bobber is even used by salt water anglers chasing striped bass up and down the eastern seaboard.

Why use wooden casting bobbers?

As the name suggests, wooden casting bobbers are great for casting. When you need to get your bait out a great distance these solid wooden bobbers can be the ticket. At around 1 ounce they really give you something to throw.

Despite their size and buoyancy, our wooden casting bobbers can still be quite sensitive when used with the right amount of weight. The key is to balance your rig. If you add the right amount of weight, a slight pull from a fish can take the bobber under.

pennsylvania wood egg bobbers

If you want to hold up heavy bait like large live fish or chicken livers, wooden casting bobbers can help there too. Just put a little less weight on the line and the bobbers will float high in the water.

Our wooden egg bobbers are sold in two high visible colors: orange and pink. Both are incredibly easy to see even if you toss them far out into a large lake. Pink tends to stand out a little more in low light while orange remains visible even on bright days.

How to rig wooden casting bobbers

The most common question we get about wooden casting bobbers is how best to use them. There are many ways to incorporate a wooden casting bobber into your rig.

Wooden egg floats can be fished as slip floats, but they are usually fixed to the line. You can attach one of these floats to your line in a few ways. The most basic is to simply tie your main line to the eye on the float. Then tie your leaders to the same eye, or as a dropper off of your main line.

Another method to tie a snap swivel onto your main line some distance up from your hook. You then attach the eye of the wooden float to your snap. This will suspend your bait at the desired depth.

Some anglers even modify the floats to meet their needs. For example, some will attach an extra eye at the bottom of the float. They then tie their main line to the top eye and their leader to the bottom eye.

As you can see, there are many ways to rig wooden casting bobbers. They can even be used as depth finders to explore new waters. This is simple yet versatile tackle that can be utilized in a wide range of fishing applications.

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