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How to fish with dip bait

There are many ways to catch catfish. Popular baits for channel catfish include everything from pieces of soap to rotten chicken livers. Dip bait is one of the most popular channel catfish baits because it is relative easy to use and very effective.

As the name suggests dip bait is something you dip your hook into. Like many channel catfish baits, dip bait is usually quite pungent. It's not the sort of thing you want to get on your hands.

You can dip a hook into dip bait with a stick or something similar. Then you just pull the hook back out by the line. This gets the bait on your hook while keeping the strong smelling stuff off of your hands.

Dip bait vs punch bait

You may have heard the terms "dip bait" and "punch bait." There is a small distinction between the two. Punch bait is thicker and designed to be used with a bare treble hook. Dip bait is meant to be used with a dip bait worm.

treble hook in catfish dip bait

We carry several dip baits like Hog Wild and Jewel's Fiber Bait. We also carry a variety of dip bait worms and holders including the popular Catfish Charlie Dip Bait Worm. You can also used our scented bait chunks like a dip worm. They hold dip bait and have scented of their own to attract fish.

All of these products can be used in the same way. First attach your dip bait worm or holder and hook to your main line. Then dip it into the dip bait. Pull the worm back out by grabbing the line. You can also use a dip bait plugger tool to help since you probably don't want to touch the bait itself. Catfish like it but the stuff smells terrible to humans.

Fishing with dip bait

Dip bait is usually fished on a sliding sinker rig. This consists of a sliding sinker, a swivel, a leader, and a hook. This is one of the most effective rigs to use for catfish. The bait is held in the feeding zone until a catfish finds it. One a fish takes the bait the line can slide freely through the sinker minimizing resistance.

Sliding sinker rigs are usually used for still fishing. You cast out, set your rod in a rod holder, and wait for a bite. If you use a bell or indicator bobbin you will be alerted when a fish takes the bait. Then it's time to set the hook.

Dip baits catch channel catfish all over the United States. They're not so good for species like flathead and blue catfish which usually prefer to eat fish. Dip baits last longer in cool water which keeps them firm. In warm water you may need to reapply bait more frequently.

No matter the water temperature, dip baits will wash off of your hook with time. This is by design. The bait is meant to break up in the water and attract catfish from the surrounding area.

If you are fishing fast moving water you might want to use a firmer dough bait instead of dip bait. Baits like Catfish Charlie Doughbait and Fiber Nuggets can be molded around your hook. You'll have to use your hands, but the bait will stay on the hook longer in a swift flow.

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