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How to fish with artificial corn

Can you catch fish on fake corn? Absolutely! Artificial corn is an increasingly common bait that can be used to catch a number of different fish.

Some are surprised to find that artificial corn is one of our favorite baits. Yet artificial corn has been a reliable producer for us for many years. We've used it to catch fish over three feet in length!

Like anything, artificial corn has its applications. It's not for every species or situation. Though when used correctly it can be incredibly effective.

In this guide we will tell you many different methods to effectively use artificial corn for fishing.

Fishing with corn

Corn has long been known to catch a variety of fish. It is most commonly used to catch carp, white amur (grass carp), catfish, and trout. Anglers are also known to use shoe peg corn to catch kokanee.

We carry flavored corn that has been specially prepared for fishing. That is made with actual corn kernels. So it is not artificial in the sense we mean here.

carp caught on artificial corn

Studies have shown that real corn is not harmful to fish, but some areas have nonetheless banned its use for bait. Artificial corn is normally permitted where other soft plastic artificial lures are permitted. Check your regulations to be sure.

Gulp! Corn from Berkley is a flavored artificial corn that disperses scent into the water. It can be fished much like real corn. Though it may not be permitted in waters that only allow scent free artificial baits.

Fishing with artificial corn

With the exception of Berkley's product, artificial corn is normally not a bait you can simply thread onto a hook and toss out into the water. Rather it must be combined with something else or used in a particular way to entice fish.

We carry an unscented artificial corn in several colors including yellow, white and pink. This corn can be used in many different ways for a variety of species.

artificial corn on a hair rig

Hatchery raised trout will often take a naturally drifted artificial corn kernel wherever they are stocked. The fish either mistake the corn for hatchery pellets or simply strike because it looks like food. This is just another form of using soft plastic lures for trout. Though admittedly it doesn't work nearly as well for wild trout.

Our artificial corn can also be hooked onto trolling rigs for kokanee. Orange, pink and white corn kernels are most effective for this method. When trolling for kokanee run each hook through the widest part of a single kernel. The corn gives the fish something to target. Artificial corn can be dipped or soaked in scents or liquid attractant too.

We tend to use artificial corn most for carp and catfish. Common carp, grass carp, channel catfish, white catfish and bullheads can all be caught on artificial corn. It works best in areas where fish have already been exposed to real corn. That could be streams and lakes near corn fields or waters that have been pre-baited (or "chummed"). Though it can work elsewhere too. 

Artificial corn for carp and catfish

There are two very effective ways to use artificial corn for carp and catfish. The first is to fish artificial corn on a hair rig. The second is to fish artificial corn as a "pick up" inside of a ball of dough ball or ground bait.

Hair rigging artificial corn definitely works best where fish have already found and eaten corn. In those areas you can attach artificial corn to a hair rig either alone or in tandem with real corn kernels.

Artificial corn has more buoyancy than real corn and it can help your bait achieve a "critical balance" in the water. What this means in practice is that the artificial corn behaves more naturally in the water than a piece of real corn that may be pegged to the bottom by rigging and heavy weight. So the corn becomes easier for fish to suck up as they feed.

Using artificial corn as a "pick up" is somewhat similar. First you thread one or more artificial corn kernels onto your hook. Then you squeeze a ball of dough bait around the entire hook.

Even after the dough bait breaks up into the water there will still be artificial corn on your hook. In lakes and ponds, the corn will often be laying right on top of the "bait pile" you have created.

Carp and catfish feeding on the particles in the water will come across your baited hook. Often they will suck the artificial corn right up with the "real" bait.

Artificial corn is obviously a lot more durable than real corn. So even if your real corn kernels fall of your hook or hair rig you will still have something left for fish to feed on. We've caught a lot of fish on nothing but single artificial corn kernels!

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