How to cut braided fishing line

How to cut braided fishing line

We're often asked how to cut braided fishing line. People who have used braid for years may be surprised by this. Yet braid is much different than other stiffer fishing lines. Cutting through it is different too.

Most fishing lines like nylon monofilament can easily be cut with snips or scissors. Some people even cut it with their teeth, though that is definitely not recommended. Braided line can be more difficult to get through.

There are some tools and tricks that make cutting braided fishing line a breeze. The key is to keep tension on the line and use a sharp cutting tool.

Braided line is different

Cutting the lose tag end of braided line hanging from a knot can be tough. Or even impossible in some situations. When braided line is limp it simply slides between the cutting blades of tools like scissors.

Yet if a piece of braid is under tension you can easily cut it against something like a knife or scissor blade. Or even inadvertently cut it against a sharp rock or other underwater object.

braided line cutter

Braided fishing line has been around for years. In fact, some of the first fishing lines in existence were made from braided animal hairs.

Today's braided fishing line is usually made by machine from synthetic materials. It has high knot strength and low stretch. It is also very supple. That is what can make it tougher to cut.

How to cut braided line

Various tools have been created specifically for cutting braided line. We carry products like the Rapala Super Line Scissors and Eagle Claw braided line cutters which are made for this purpose.

These tools have thin, sharp edges that can slice through braided fishing line, but only if it is kept somewhat tight. If the line is slack, it can still work bend around the cutting edges of these tools.

The key to cutting braided line is keeping it under tension. As long as you pull braided line tight you can cut it with most any sharp edge. On the other hand, cutting loose hanging braided line can be difficult even with the best tools available.

When you want to cut braided fishing line, finding some way to stretch it tight or keep it under tension makes the difference. Cutting through taut braid is a breeze.

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