Tiemco Shichihachiku telescopic adjustable fishing pole 220-270 cm (7'2"-8'10")

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These 220-270 cm (7'2"-8'10") TIEMCO Shichihachiku telescopic adjustable fishing poles are manufactured by the famous TIEMCO company. They are three step rods that can be used for 3 different lengths (approximately 2.2 m, 2.4 m, 2.7 m). All it takes it is a quick adjustment. They can be used as a cane pole, a tenkara rod, a dapping rod or a microfishing rod.  

These rods work for any small fish, including wild trout. Simply attach a length of light line to the lillian at the end of the rod and go fishing. When you're finished, compress the rod and stick it in your backpack or vest. This pole compressed down to a mere 32 centimeters (about 12.5 inches)!

This is not a cheap rod. But it is a good rod. Includes a rod sock and cap.