Drennan Zeppler float

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The stubby Drennan Zeppler is great for float or drift fishing large rivers and rapids. With a tube running through the middle, the Zeppler can be used as either a fixed or slip float. 

Zepplers are popular for pike fishing in Europe and Canada. They can be used in a wide variety of applications from catfish to salmon fishing.

These bobbers are clear. The color on the top of the bobber varies and may be red, orange or chartreuse. 

Please note that the weights listed do not describe the weight of the bobbers themselves. They explain how much weight the bobbers can support. 

No 1 is 3" long.
No 2 is 3.75" long.
No 3 is 4.25" long.
No 4 is 5" long.
No 5 is 5.5" long.

One float per package.