Drennan Crystal Bobber

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Drennan Bobbers are perfect for floating or drifting small baits in shallow or clear waters. These floats have long been used by anglers in Canada and the United Kingdom. More recently they have become very popular with steelhead and trout anglers in the US. 

The traditional bobber was originally made of cork and cane. The modern version has a light, buoyant, body and a tough plastic stem for stability. These floats are best-attached top and bottom with silicone tubing. Silicone is not included with these floats.

These bobbers are clear. The color on the stop stem varies and may be orange or chartreuse. 

Please note that the weights listed do not describe the weight of the bobbers themselves. They explain how much weight the bobbers can support. 

One float per order. Picture is for illustration purposes only.