TIEMCO Yukigi carbon adjustable microfishing rod 95-140 centimeter (3'2"-4'7")

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These high quality adjustable 3'2"-4'7" (.95-1.4 meter) carbon telescopic microfishing rods are manufactured by the famous TIEMCO company. Micro fishing has long been popular in Japan. Anglers there have it down to an art. But this equipment is tough to find in the US.

These TIEMCO rods are not cheap. But the price reflects the quality. There are less expensive rods available for microfishing. We carry several here. But if you want a fine rod that is well-made and super sensitive, this is it.

It is a "three step rod." This means you can adjust it to be 3'2", 3'11", or 4'7". When put away it is only 11 inches. So you can easily slip it in a backpack, vest, or pocket.