Savage Gear 4D Craw

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If you’re looking for the ultimate crayfish presentation, the Savage Gear 4D Craw stands head-and-shoulder above the competition. Created from a 3D scan of an actual crayfish, its true-to-life detailing and ultra-lively moving whiskers and legs deliver a whole new level of realism. It is also made from a floating PVC plastic, which allows it to sit in a dead-on defensive crayfish posture that triggers an aggressive feeding response from fish. Taking it to a level even further, the Savage Gear 4D Craw is infused with salt and scent to help fool the wariest of lure-shy bass and make fish hold on longer once they strike, giving you more time to set the hook.

Not only does the Savage Gear 4D Craw look incredible it is extremely versatile as well. Anglers can use it on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, shaky heads, and as a jig trailer, the possibilities are nearly endless.