Nikko molded degradable soft bait nymphs

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These Nikko mayfly molded degradable soft bait lures can be fished on a spinning rod or fly pole. They work well. Most fish in the US have never seen anything like them.

Attributes of Nikko's soft-plastic baits:
-    super soft and flexible;
-    very buoyant;
-    extremely durable -- regular models sometimes go into hundreds of catches per bait;
-    impregnated with natural scent -- no liquids, sprays, etc. needed. Just stretch to recharge the scent;
-    highly detailed features -- most baits were originally designed to replace live bait;
-    completely toxin-free;
-    phthalates and plastisol-free;
-    no environmental hormones;
-    safe for the fish, animals and humans to swallow;
-    no swelling if left in water;
-    no hardening or drying out if left out in the open;
-    made of medical and food-grade plastic;
-    biodegradable in real life conditions within a short time frame;
-    higher melting point than ordinary soft-plastic baits:
-    softer in lower temperatures than ordinary plastic baits.

Nikko employs a state-of-the-art nanotechnology system that is not available outside of Japan. There are only three machines in the entire world that are capable of performing some of the steps required to make this nanotechnology system work and create Nikko's soft-plastic baits.

Nikko's baits contain no substances that are inimical to human consumption and intimate contact with the human body. The baits are made from medical- and food-grade plastic.