Fish Messenger Shoulder Bag

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These colorful shoulder messenger style bags handmade from recycled fish feed sacks. They are water resistant and of good quality. They have many applications. You could use them for anything from a messenger bag to a shoulder bag or purse. The choice is yours.

The bags are about 8 inches long and 7 inches wide. The arm strap is adjustable. And they hold a surprising amount of things.

There is one big zippered main area and a smaller zippered pocket on the flap. The shoulder strap is adjustable. These bags are really useful and well made. They work well as an over the shoulder fishing bag for anything from fly fishing to a compact creel. I'm told they also work well as a fashionable purse.

Handmade in Cambodia by real artisans from left over fish feed sacks from farms. Purchased directly from the producers and delivered to you.